Friday, August 28, 2015

Polar Bear Home Work

Image result for polar bearPolar Bear
Most endangered species in the world

  • Where Do Polar Bears Live?
Antarctica U.S.A (Alaska), Greenland, Russia, and Norway

  • Polar Bear Names
Ursus maritimus. Sea Bear. Ice Bear. Nanuq. Isbjorn. White bear. Beliy medved. Lord of the Arctic. Old man in the fur cloak. White sea deer.

  • Characteristics
Skin. Polar bears have black skin
Paws. Polar bear paws are perfect for roaming the Arctic

  • Habits and Behavior
The polar bear's main prey is the ringed seal

  • Human Interactions
Most modern zoos and aquariums have come a long way from the concrete cages of the past, housing polar bears in well-designed exhibits that include rushing waterfalls, chilled pools stocked with fish, enormous swimming pools, and shallow streams. They also provide natural substrates like grass and mulch and gravel pits where bears can dig.

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