Friday, August 28, 2015

Life Jacket Story

Dear readers.I am a Parkvale Pupil.We are going to be yachting in three weeks.I strongly agree that every Parkvale student should wear a life jacket when we go yachting.

Firstly if you were to fall into the water,the life jacket will help save your life.It is bright colored so you can be seen.It has a whistle attached so people can hear you and you will be able to float on the top of the water.

Secondly,people who don’t wear life jackets or make others wear them are being irresponsible and should be fined.

Lastly,if you are a responsible parent or teacher,you will want us all to be safe and not drown.

You need a life jacket even if it looks or feels bad.It will save your life…  that's all that matters.

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