Thursday, October 23, 2014

my blood story

In 2010 the first day I ride my 2 wheeler motorbike on the beach. Before I went down to the sand I was up at my Grandads beach house getting ready. ‘I just put my helmet I said to my mum in the other room my Grandad started the bike up. I was thinking if I would fall off my bike when the engine was on would burn me but that would not happen or would it. ‘My mum said did you get your gloves’ ‘I said I do not have gloves’ ‘grandad started up the bike’ ‘I had another thought if I would crash so I asked my Grandad if he could drive It down’ and my Grandad said ‘ok’ I only Just thought about the very first time I ride my bike in my backyard Is this could kill me but I am a boy not a baby. ‘Back to the real world I said’ ‘mum said what no one cares lets go the bike is on the beach with grandad’ ‘I yelled there's dads car’ ‘mum said lets go down with dad a’ ‘yep I said lets go’ ‘I was on my bike It was scary and I crashed and burned my leg and the burn was there for 3 years I was angry’.


  1. The burn was there for three years! That must have hurt, Jacob.

  2. Fantastic work Jacob. That is a long time to have a burn. Keep publishing amazing work on your blog.