Saturday, September 12, 2015


                                              Awesomeness This piece of art is inspired by Shane Hansen. The white koru is the clouds so little kids can climb to the top. At the top is a kea my house bird watching offer parkvale. The pekopeko are my family members because they represent life. The sun is bright and shining down on us.

Jacob Buckrell

Room 20 Assembly Item

 Room 20s Assembly item.
It is our turn to do our assembly item. We are learing to peruade people.
Did you know a supermarket might be built next to our school?
Please watch and enjoy.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Polar Bear Home Work

Image result for polar bearPolar Bear
Most endangered species in the world

  • Where Do Polar Bears Live?
Antarctica U.S.A (Alaska), Greenland, Russia, and Norway

  • Polar Bear Names
Ursus maritimus. Sea Bear. Ice Bear. Nanuq. Isbjorn. White bear. Beliy medved. Lord of the Arctic. Old man in the fur cloak. White sea deer.

  • Characteristics
Skin. Polar bears have black skin
Paws. Polar bear paws are perfect for roaming the Arctic

  • Habits and Behavior
The polar bear's main prey is the ringed seal

  • Human Interactions
Most modern zoos and aquariums have come a long way from the concrete cages of the past, housing polar bears in well-designed exhibits that include rushing waterfalls, chilled pools stocked with fish, enormous swimming pools, and shallow streams. They also provide natural substrates like grass and mulch and gravel pits where bears can dig.


"This year a piglet was in my class". "He was able to talk but once he said something very naughty". It was because he was going to the place where they turn him it to bacon. "But do you want to know what he said?". "YES". Ok he said "go away". And he went to the principal". "But the principal said to ms oinks". "I love bacon so if I let him go away like to Samoa and you ms oinks but not Mr oinks" and a mammoth of a scream but that very moment she said yes you can." 4 weeks later "ok Mr oinks it is time for bacon said the principal and Mr oinks is no more but the bacon was good". But at least piglet and ms oinks are had a fun time.Image result for pig

Life Jacket Story

Dear readers.I am a Parkvale Pupil.We are going to be yachting in three weeks.I strongly agree that every Parkvale student should wear a life jacket when we go yachting.

Firstly if you were to fall into the water,the life jacket will help save your life.It is bright colored so you can be seen.It has a whistle attached so people can hear you and you will be able to float on the top of the water.

Secondly,people who don’t wear life jackets or make others wear them are being irresponsible and should be fined.

Lastly,if you are a responsible parent or teacher,you will want us all to be safe and not drown.

You need a life jacket even if it looks or feels bad.It will save your life…  that's all that matters.

Camp Letter

Howard Street
Parkvale school
29 April

dear Kane

Thank you for giving up your time to come on our camp.

Thanks for helping me in caving. It was hard to get through the caves but you were there to help me so I thank you.

Thank you for helping me and helping my team at master chef. You made some good pancakes and had some great ideas.

You were really funny when you pretending to be Michael Noonans ghost, it was really funny.
Thankyou again for volunteering to come to camp.

                                                      Yours sincerely